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First Draft – Building a Solid Foundation

One can’t describe what a daunting task it is for these dedicated people who make great sacrifices to bring the Word of God to their people. […]

Madang – My New Home Town

A Few months ago I wrote about Springfield Illinois, my home town. Today I want to write about Madang, my new home town. Comparing Springfield to Madang is, however, grossly unfair. So, I won’t do that. What I will try to do is tell you why Madang has become my adopted home.

If you flew […]

Dedication of the Ap Ma book of Acts

I have taken the librety of using an email update that Lori Witham one of our co-workers wrote. She is the Admisntrator of Publications for Pioneer Bible Translators here in Madang. She was the person that typeset the book that was dedicated.

1) Lori Witham and a few other Pioneer Bible Translators missionaries flew to […]

Springfield Illinois – My Birthplace

Come to visit the center of Lincoln Land, Springfield, Illinois – The Place of My Birth, by Eunice Messersmith […]

Birthday Trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens of Ontario

A day at the Royal Botanical Gardens of Ontario with our family. […]

A New Camera and Learning to Use It

When I was getting ready to come to the USA, Jan and I talked about what camera I would bring. We have several. Jan has always been a photographer and so we normally have several cameras in the house. As I am not a great photographer I need a simple way to take pictures that […]

Unexpected Trip

This is the first time for me to write anything that will be seen by many people on the internet. I hope to write once or twice a week from now on. I want to keep you up to date on what Jan and I are doing. I want to keep you informed about our […]

Eunice Switches ON

We have suffered for years because of a deteriorating power station in Madang. Now it seems that the situation will improve.

Eunice saying a little prayer before switching on a generator

The odd photo above is Eunice switching on one of the three new generators for the ‘first time’. Obviously, they’ve been tested before, […]